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WOD's on?

WOD's on
this week?

 15.7.2024 - 20.7..2024

Moving along into our 2nd phase of the Chase the Pump/Build the Engine Cycle.

From here we’ll progress a bit towards more complex lifts but still keep things
varied in terms of scattering the lifts through the week to ensure all members have
a chance to hit all patterns.
This phase we’ll bring back some linear front squat progressions to get back
into some heavier squatting. We’ll move from the bodyweight pulling emphasis
to weighted pulling.

We will begin to implement hang power cleans to get exposure to weightlifting movements again. Other various strength elements that are
more secondary will include varied pressing strength, as well as a mix of deadlift/
hinge progressions to round out all the patterns


PRE WOD: front squats


LIFT: coach Miri's choice


PRE WOD: saccessory work for upper back

WOD: rows & power cleans



PRE WOD: strict press

WOD: DB BSO, DB p. cleans & burpees

GYM: coach Luki's program


WOD: eruns, pull ups & V-ups


SWEAT: coach Michele's choice


PRE WOD: clean & squat complex

WOD: front squats & WW


09:00  TEAM WOD


10:30   WOW

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